Recent Works

  1. Enfants Terribles magazine- Dark and Clear

    09 Mar 2017

  2. Poster Child Magazine Winter 16

    28 Feb 2017
    Fashion editorial spread photographed for the Winter 2016 print issue of Poster Child Magazine.  Photographed at the Kahala Hotel in Hawaii with model, Makenna Klein.  Swimwear by OF ONE SEA. Clothing provided by Shan and Toad.

  3. Poster Child Magazine blog

    28 Feb 2017
    Fashion editorial shot on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i for the Poster Child Magazine blog with model, Alexa.  Clothing provided by, Shan and Toad.

  4. Enfants Terribles with Rainey’s Closet outtakes

    28 Feb 2017

  5. Enfants Terribles Magazine with Rainey’s Closet

    28 Feb 2017

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